An Introduction to Insulated Roller Garage Doors

roller-insulated-garage-doorsInsulated Roller Garage doors are a types of roller doors that comprise of double skinned insulation, foam filled center and aluminum panels that mostly have a depth of 75mm and a thickness of 18-25mm. These garage doors come in a concave shape that allows them to follow the rollers when rolled up or sideways. The aluminum slates or panels are very durable and come in variety of designs and colors or even a laminated wood grain finish. When you talk about the insulation these doors have to offer, the specific term that is related to the degree of insulation of a door is indicated by “U value”.

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It is almost impossible to find the exact U value for a garage door of this kind because a roller door consists of 23 slates, with all slates having a consistent clearance or gap between them. These roller doors offer high insulation but the value of the insulation cannot be measured because when the door closes it has a completely different value of sealing Source: web.

You can find a variety of roller garage doors from famous manufacturers like Novoform, Hormann, Samson and Garador in different quality of aluminum builds with highest strengths and durability. They manufacture garage doors on orders that give their products a perfect fit and great quality. You can also go for a sectional garage door if insulation is your main focus.

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Why is the demand for Insulated Garage Doors is Increasing?

Insulation-garagedoorThe demand for insulated garage doors is higher than ever. In the past, salesmen had to convince the customers to get their garage doors insulated while now on the contrary people are looking for an insulated garage door themselves. There are a lot of factors behind the boost in insulated garage door sales like:

1- If you compare the garage door market today with the one 15-20 years ago, you will notice that most garage doors that are available these days come along with a foam filled center and double skinned steel or aluminum panels. These garage doors are not only good insulators but also come with more durability and strength. These garage doors are less prone to dents and dings too as compared to the old designs.Garage Door Repair in Aurora is your best bet!

2- If you are looking forward to utilize the garage space into making an office, a play room for the kids or a workshop maybe, you do not have to build a wall. You can use an insulated garage door that will serve the exact purpose while keeping all the entrance options open for the future. You can also have a pedestrian door installed in your garage door if you’re not utilizing your garage to park your vehicle.

3- Most of the people who live in places that offer harsh climate like winds and storms tend to go with an insulated garage door that offers a quality seal against all the water and wind that comes in through the old garage doors. Old garage doors usually have more spaces and less insulation that can cause a mess in the garage as well as the house in case of an entrance through the garage. Professional garage door repair company.

4- A lot of latest insulated garage door can also feature a pedestrian door that allows a person to access the garage and in some cases the attached house without having to open the door. You can install such doors and double glazed windows in your garage door if it has enough strength to withstand the cutting process without losing its stability.

When the demand of a specific product increases because of its rapid sales, the R&D departments of the manufacturing organizations come into action to work on latest designs and features hence more advanced products become available in the market. A lot of people are focused on reducing the carbon prints and making their houses more eco-friendly these days. This is the reason why a lot of people are switching to insulated garage doors that not only save them a lot of money on utility bills but also make their houses energy efficient.Garage Door Repair in Wilmett, IL is a company that you can count on.

A lot of old garage doors are usually single skin and do not feature an outer insulation but when you compare their results with double skin garage doors, the later one kicks every other garage door option out of the picture, especially during the winter. If your house is insulated the way it should be, you will not have to reach for the thermostat every 5 minutes during a cold winter evening. garage door repair

Benefits of Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

Almost all of the sectional garage doors that are available in the market these days are  usually double skinned galvanized steel with a foam filled interior for the sake of insulation. You can choose garage door repair company from a variety of thickness sizes ranging from 40mm, 42mm and 45mm, which are usually used for domestic purposes, to 100mm thick that are mostly used for commercial purposes. These insulated garage doors not only save your from extreme cold and hot temperature during the winters and summers respectively but also keep the outdoor sounds to the minimum. The double skinned galvanized construction of these steel garage door also gives them durability and strength. Image source: website.

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Another feature that you will notice in these insulated steel garage doors is that their panels at the top and bottom are specifically designed to ensure safe interlocking sections for the sake of finger trap protection and they also make sure that the garage is perfectly sealed when closed. Some of these sectional garage doors also have a small rubber seal and all of these features not only ensure greater strength but also provide superior lateral resistance which makes the garage door more secure. Frankfort, IL garage door repair.

People are getting more and more aware of the benefits of insulation. By maintaining the internal atmosphere from the extreme cold and hot temperatures outdoor, insulation can really impact your utility bills. Just a couple of years ago, we use to convince our customers to get their garage doors insulated to make their homes more energy-efficient but these days people demand insulation on their own. There are a lot more insulation options these days too because of the fact that not only the garage door panels are stronger than ever but also the operating mechanism has also advanced which allows the chances of including a double glazed window, a lot of different designs and even a door into the panel by cutting it accordingly. Pedestrian doors that are added in the garage doors are usually done by cutting the garage door in two places. After the cutting of the desired section, the door is installed that features high quality hinges and is usually made of a decent material as well. Some of the famous manufacturers make sure that the threshold of the door is max. 10mm to ensure the prevention of tripping hazards when a pedestrian walks in.

Most of these pedestrian doors feature a door closer as well as a rain protection cover on the top too.  You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to selecting a door handle and you can also get your door automated. These pedestrian doors are just a plus that can come along with an insulated garage door to serve the purpose of easy access to the garage. In some cases garages are connected with the rest of the house and in those scenarios these pedestrian doors can be a very convenient access. Having a pedestrian entrance in your insulated sectional garage door in these scenarios make your garage multi-functional as it becomes more than a place to park your car.

Tips for Replacing a Garage Door


Deciding which Garage Door types suits you the best
When you are looking forward to buying a new garage door there are certain factors that should be considered like why should you change the garage door? Are you looking forward to changing the look or appearance of the house? Or have you bought a new car that doesn’t pass through the existing door easily? You are supposed to account all the factors that matter before making a final decision.

How to consider the size of garage door for easy drive through?
If your current garage door provides adequate space for your car’s drive through passage then it is not necessary that the new garage door will do the same. Suppose you have ordered a garage door of exactly the same size, in case you are ordering a steel frame that are usually wider than the timber frame than your drive through width will be less than before. The thing to remember is always ask before ordering a new frame that how much of the height and width will it have and then compare those numbers with the pre-existing frame. Professional garage door repair service in Oak Park, IL.

Another thing to consider while going for a new garage door is the position of the garage. A change in the position of the new garage door will greatly affect the present height, width and total area of the garage. For an instance, if your new garage door will be installed outwards of your garage as compared to the old one, you will not only have a bigger garage area as compared to the old one but will also have a chance to increase the height and width of the garage door. Garage Door Repair Park Ridge, IL. In the same manner, if you will install the new garage door slightly backwards into the garage then the total area of the garage will decrease and so will the width and height of the drive way as compared to the original set up. That is why, it is important to check where your new garage door is going to be installed.

Even if you are not going to use your garage to park your car, it is still important to consider the above mentioned factors. You can never be 100% sure that you are not going to use your garage to park your vehicle and in case you ever do, this little bit of consideration before the installation of your garage door will pay off and will save you a lot of money and headache. In case you end up with a garage door that does not provide sufficient width and height for you vehicle’s drive through then there still are things that you can do to deal with this problem. You can adjust the gear positioning to deal with this problem.

There are other things to be considered too while looking for a new garage door like remote control operations, insulation, finishing and design, warranties and maintenance requirement which differ from material to material. Garage Door Repair in Woodridge, IL.